Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Sonar Fishfinder Review-Easy Way To Find The Fish

Product: Raymarine Dragonfly 7  Sonar Fishfinder

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Warranty – 1 year

My Ranking 9 out of 10

The Dragonfly 7 Pro Product Overviewhttp://

A Built-In GPS Antenna Provides Accurate position and The Dual Channel CHIRP Sonar ensures advanced underwater imaging.Providing structure and the fish in near photo like detail. Wi-Fi capable, the DragonFly7 PRO enables the angler to wirelessly share their sonar images to their compatible smartphones or table with the WiFish App.

The Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro is a perfect fit for the weekend warrior to the professional guide looking for a stand-alone combination Chartplotter/Fishfinder. Features like CHIRP, DownVision and Wifi Connectivity are sure to be top selling points for this unit.

The Dragonfly 7 Pro includes Navionics Nav+ charting with Gold detail for the coastal US and Hotmaps ,Premium for the US Inland Lakes. You can upgrade the charting that is included with this unit with C-Map 4D Lite from Jeppesen or Navionics Hotmaps.Platinum via the single Micro SD slot on the unit. With a 50 Channel built in GPS receiver there is no need for running cables and mounting an external module which saves time during the install making for more time on the water.

The WiFi capability of the 7 Pro allows anglers to wirelessly connect to their compatible smartphone or tablet to view the sonar or charting. This is a very handy tool especially if you have multiple stations or if you can’t always be at the helm when running lines. The optically bonded, 7” LED backlight display on the Dragonfly 7 Pro makes for much easier viewing in direct sunlight and you no longer have to worry about the screen fogging up.

The Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro offers Downvision Sonar which provides an awesome view of the sea floor below, however Raymarine combined DownVision with CHIRP Technology making the sonar image unmatched in clarity and target separation. The package includes a CPT-DVS transom mount transducer for a quick and easy install.


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4 thoughts on “Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Sonar Fishfinder Review-Easy Way To Find The Fish”

  1. Hey John, I really enjoyed reading your review of this sonar for fishes. I didn’t know there are sonars for fishes. but it makes total sense to just take a look before you spend hours waiting and praying for fishes. 🙂 My only question is how does the sonar detect the difference between a fish and just dirt that got swirl up by the engine of my yard?

    1. With this new chirp DownVision it Has two channels one for targeting fish and one for structures even in low visibility the images are still clear it allows you to no where the fish or holding so you can set your baits near their location.For a fish finder in this price range you can’t go wrong. I give it a 9.7 out of 10.I hope this has helped with your question but please feel free to ask more questions.thanks john

  2. Hi John,

    I am buying a plot of land in The Philippines that is foreshore, and in the process of buying a boat as well, so this article caught me attention.

    It would be great to see some screen shots if you have them and also dhow big is the unit and what is the best way to attach it to the boat?

    Nice review however and I loved the ‘action’ photo of the boat at the top of the page!

    Good job


    1. This unit comes with everything you need for mounting.It realy depends on what kind of boat or water craft you are installing it on. You want the unit on the consule so you can see it and its not in your way of operating your boat and of course where it looks nice.

      Thier will be guide lines of how to install both under and on the consule.If you will mouse over the image on my site it will take you to all the product details just scrool all the way to the bottom of page.I hope i have answer your question and feel free to leave more comments down below

       It is basically 14 inches by 14 inches and weights 4.5 pounds    Thanks John

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