Top 10 Best Fishing Lures

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Top 10 Best Fishing Lures

One of the factors in having a successful day of fishing is choosing the right lure. Having the top 10 best fishing lures in your tackle box is a great way to be prepared for anything the fish throw at you.

The type of lure you need depends on the type of fish you are after, salt-water or fresh-water, time of the year and the weather. There are countless fishing lures available, in every different shape, size and color. Listed below are the top selling best lures used by fishermen to ensure a successful fishing outing.

1.  Rapala Rapala Shop Now

In most tackle boxes across America, every boy remembers when they received their first Rapala lure. These crank baits are versatile and extremely effective bass lures. They are made to imitate bait fish which scatter when pursued by predators.

This erratic and evasive behavior triggers fish to strike. Rapala lures are made of balsa wood and mimic vulnerable baitfish swimming in that same manner.

The original floating Rapala in black and silver works well for all kinds of fish. Instead of a slow, steady retrieve, the lure should dart and pause or use small twitches between longer periods of motionlessness.

Pros: Easy to use (no jigging or other motion needed) and you get the added benefit of seeing the fish strike the lure.
Surface or close to surface fishing only. Not a great lure for deep water fishing.

2. Power Worm by Berkley  Power Worm Shop Now

Plastic worms have always been a standard lure for fishing. Whether you rig them Texas style or use a Carolina rig, plastic worms are extremely effective for largemouth bass. There are many companies that make plastic worms, but Berkley’s Power Bait scented plastics are the leader of the pack.

The 7 inch Power Worm in black is a perennial favorite. Texas or Carolina rigged, its curled tail ripples as the worm moves through the water. Because of the flavoring, bass often hang on for a few extra seconds, allowing you a solid hook. Some fish will even swallow these worms, so don’t wait too long before striking or you’ll get a gut-hooked fish.

Pros: Great all-purpose lure that mimics live bait. 
Possible to gut-hook fish if you wait too long before striking. Can be difficult to figure out the right color worm to use for the fishing conditions.

3. Mepps Agila Spinner   Mepps Aglia Spinner Shop Now

Everybody’s favorite trout spinner and always a top selling lure. The Mepps Agila spinner is a simple inline trout spinner with an elongated silver or brass oval blade. The body consists of a ribbed metal piece that helps provide the weight to the lure and the shank has a red plastic piece and a treble hook. The color combination and vibration of this lure drives fish crazy.

For most trout streams, use a smaller size with a silver blade. The secret in successfully using these lures is to cast upstream and bringing the spinner back slightly faster than the current. Reel quickly enough to spin the blade while steering the spinner with the tip of your rod so it travels next to submerged rocks or other fish cover.

Pros: One of the best trout fishing lures out there.
Cons: Not fancy enough? Not sure why you wouldn’t want to have one of these for freshwater fishing.

4. Panther Martin  Phanter Shop Now

Another top selling lure found in any trout fisherman’s collection. With a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from, Panther Martin makes spinners for many kinds of fish, including trout, bass, steelhead and muskie.

Their most popular lure is the classic teardrop spinner which features a black body, yellow dots and a yellow blade with black dots. These spinner lures are relatively heavy in proportion to their size. A 1/16-ounce, silver-bladed version is a good choice for catching trout from steep mountain creeks.

Pros: The blade angle allows them to run in deeper water which is what you need to find the big fish.
Cons: This light-weight lure can make them difficult to cast unless weight is added.

5.  Curly Tail Grub   Power Grub Shop Now

Curly tail grub lures are cheap, easy to use and are extremely effective for just about any type of freshwater or saltwater fish. Mister Twister is the company that first made these types of plastic grubs, but the term curly tail is now used as a generic term to describe all soft plastic grubs.

These are the bestselling fishing lures of all time and anyone has used them knows why. Plastic grubs are typically rigged on a plain or painted round jig head.

Pros: Highly versatile and can be used for anything that swims!
Cons: Too small for larger salt-water fishing.

6.  Dardevle Spinnie    Dardevle Shop Now

This red and white striped spoon shaped lure is one of the most recognized fishing lures. The Dardevle Spinnie comes in multiple sizes and is great for bass, larger trout and other fish. Attach the lure to your line with a small snap in order to give the lure a free ranging wobble.

Next be sure to avoid the common mistake of a fast and steady retrieve. Use a twitching motion with brief pauses to give the lure a darting erratic motion, which will increases your catch rate.

Pros: Great spoon lure that will catch fish.
Cons: Easy to snag on a log or seaweed.

7. Zara Spook   Zara SpookShop Now

One of the oldest surface plug designs with its blue minnow color is still considered one of the best. The Zara Spook reliably pulling in all kinds from fish from freshwater pike and bass to seatrout and saltwater stripers. The original Zara in 5/8 ounce size is easier to “walk the dog” than some of their smaller versions.

The most popular method of using this lure is to use a medium cadence of twitch then pause, twitch and pause as you slowly reel, which makes the lure zig-zag across the surface.

Pros: Easiest top water lure that catches fish.
Cons: Can’t dive deep in bigger pools of water.

8. Kastmaster    KastmasterShop Now

Another classic, Kastmaster has brought down countless numbers of trophy trout, pike, walleye and other fish. The lure is an angular wedge of plated brass which provides a tight, lively wobble on a fast retrieve. Its broad shape is suggestive of small shad or young menhaden in saltwater. When dragged at slower speeds, Kastmasters can be an attractive lure for lake trout due to its slow, steady wobbling action.

Kastmasters, while small are surprisingly heavy, which makes them perfect for trolling or casting on windy days. Another benefit of using these lures is that you can target fish in multiple depths. Whether you’re fishing shallow waters or very deep depths this lure can target any fish you’re targeting. All that needs to be done is to adjust the retrieval rate to vary your depth. A slower retrieval speed will allow these lures to work their way down into deeper water.  However be careful, because you’ll find the bottom before you know it and could get snagged.

Pros: Easy to cast long distances. Can get to deeper depths in big lakes.
Cons: Easy to snag the bottom and lose a few of these lures.

9. Terminator T-1 Spinnerbait   TerminatorShop Now

When using spinnerbaits, big fish routinely destroy these lures after a few hard fights. Terminators T-1 Spinnerbaits are stronger with a titanium wire frame which doesn’t corrode or kink. The silicone skirts are easily replaceable and don’t stick together like rubber ones often can.

The bucktail skirts tend to withstand more abuse from toothy fish such as pike. Terminator T-1’s are twice as expensive as other types, but the durability is worth the price. For bass fishing, the 3/8 ounce silver shiner version is a must have.

Pros: Great for fish with teeth.
Cons: The wire can snap or be difficult to put back in shape if needed. Skirts get torn up.

10. Rooster Tail   Rooster TailShop Now

Rooster Tail spinners are longer and skinnier lures that feature a long blade and a small tuft of features. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors to meet any fishing condition. For large rainbow and brown trout in bigger water, these are a great choice.

Weighty compared to their overall size, these lures will run deep in high-volume water that big trout prefer. Cast a 1/6 ounce Rooster Tail upstream into a fast, deep chute where a large pool begins. Reel just fast enough to keep a tight line so the spinner sweeps the bottom.

The little tuft of feather over the treble hook makes the difference between a trout striking the lure or letting it pass by. For catching trout use a smaller lightweight Rooster Tails to fish the top of the water, but if you’re fishing a river or stream, increase the weight just a little bit.

Pros: Lots of variety and catches fish!
Cons: Can snag on the bottom and lose a few rooster tails. Blade doesn’t always spin from the start.

Purchase these top 10 best fishing lures and you’ll be ready to max out your limit and be ready to hear “what are you using” from everyone else.

We hope you have found this review helpful and informative in making decisions on ways you can accessorize your tackle box. If you have any question or comments please fell free to leave them down below thanks John