Top 10 Best Fishing Lures

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Top 10 Best Fishing Lures

One of the factors in having a successful day of fishing is choosing the right lure. Having the top 10 best fishing lures in your tackle box is a great way to be prepared for anything the fish throw at you.

The type of lure you need depends on the type of fish you are after, salt-water or fresh-water, time of the year and the weather. There are countless fishing lures available, in every different shape, size and color. Listed below are the top selling best lures used by fishermen to ensure a successful fishing outing.

1.  Rapala Rapala Shop Now

In most tackle boxes across America, every boy remembers when they received their first Rapala lure. These crank baits are versatile and extremely effective bass lures. They are made to imitate bait fish which scatter when pursued by predators.

This erratic and evasive behavior triggers fish to strike. Rapala lures are made of balsa wood and mimic vulnerable baitfish swimming in that same manner.

The original floating Rapala in black and silver works well for all kinds of fish. Instead of a slow, steady retrieve, the lure should dart and pause or use small twitches between longer periods of motionlessness.

Pros: Easy to use (no jigging or other motion needed) and you get the added benefit of seeing the fish strike the lure.
Surface or close to surface fishing only. Not a great lure for deep water fishing.

2. Power Worm by Berkley  Power Worm Shop Now

Plastic worms have always been a standard lure for fishing. Whether you rig them Texas style or use a Carolina rig, plastic worms are extremely effective for largemouth bass. There are many companies that make plastic worms, but Berkley’s Power Bait scented plastics are the leader of the pack.

The 7 inch Power Worm in black is a perennial favorite. Texas or Carolina rigged, its curled tail ripples as the worm moves through the water. Because of the flavoring, bass often hang on for a few extra seconds, allowing you a solid hook. Some fish will even swallow these worms, so don’t wait too long before striking or you’ll get a gut-hooked fish.

Pros: Great all-purpose lure that mimics live bait. 
Possible to gut-hook fish if you wait too long before striking. Can be difficult to figure out the right color worm to use for the fishing conditions.

3. Mepps Agila Spinner   Mepps Aglia Spinner Shop Now

Everybody’s favorite trout spinner and always a top selling lure. The Mepps Agila spinner is a simple inline trout spinner with an elongated silver or brass oval blade. The body consists of a ribbed metal piece that helps provide the weight to the lure and the shank has a red plastic piece and a treble hook. The color combination and vibration of this lure drives fish crazy.

For most trout streams, use a smaller size with a silver blade. The secret in successfully using these lures is to cast upstream and bringing the spinner back slightly faster than the current. Reel quickly enough to spin the blade while steering the spinner with the tip of your rod so it travels next to submerged rocks or other fish cover.

Pros: One of the best trout fishing lures out there.
Cons: Not fancy enough? Not sure why you wouldn’t want to have one of these for freshwater fishing.

4. Panther Martin  Phanter Shop Now

Another top selling lure found in any trout fisherman’s collection. With a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from, Panther Martin makes spinners for many kinds of fish, including trout, bass, steelhead and muskie.

Their most popular lure is the classic teardrop spinner which features a black body, yellow dots and a yellow blade with black dots. These spinner lures are relatively heavy in proportion to their size. A 1/16-ounce, silver-bladed version is a good choice for catching trout from steep mountain creeks.

Pros: The blade angle allows them to run in deeper water which is what you need to find the big fish.
Cons: This light-weight lure can make them difficult to cast unless weight is added.

5.  Curly Tail Grub   Power Grub Shop Now

Curly tail grub lures are cheap, easy to use and are extremely effective for just about any type of freshwater or saltwater fish. Mister Twister is the company that first made these types of plastic grubs, but the term curly tail is now used as a generic term to describe all soft plastic grubs.

These are the bestselling fishing lures of all time and anyone has used them knows why. Plastic grubs are typically rigged on a plain or painted round jig head.

Pros: Highly versatile and can be used for anything that swims!
Cons: Too small for larger salt-water fishing.

6.  Dardevle Spinnie    Dardevle Shop Now

This red and white striped spoon shaped lure is one of the most recognized fishing lures. The Dardevle Spinnie comes in multiple sizes and is great for bass, larger trout and other fish. Attach the lure to your line with a small snap in order to give the lure a free ranging wobble.

Next be sure to avoid the common mistake of a fast and steady retrieve. Use a twitching motion with brief pauses to give the lure a darting erratic motion, which will increases your catch rate.

Pros: Great spoon lure that will catch fish.
Cons: Easy to snag on a log or seaweed.

7. Zara Spook   Zara SpookShop Now

One of the oldest surface plug designs with its blue minnow color is still considered one of the best. The Zara Spook reliably pulling in all kinds from fish from freshwater pike and bass to seatrout and saltwater stripers. The original Zara in 5/8 ounce size is easier to “walk the dog” than some of their smaller versions.

The most popular method of using this lure is to use a medium cadence of twitch then pause, twitch and pause as you slowly reel, which makes the lure zig-zag across the surface.

Pros: Easiest top water lure that catches fish.
Cons: Can’t dive deep in bigger pools of water.

8. Kastmaster    KastmasterShop Now

Another classic, Kastmaster has brought down countless numbers of trophy trout, pike, walleye and other fish. The lure is an angular wedge of plated brass which provides a tight, lively wobble on a fast retrieve. Its broad shape is suggestive of small shad or young menhaden in saltwater. When dragged at slower speeds, Kastmasters can be an attractive lure for lake trout due to its slow, steady wobbling action.

Kastmasters, while small are surprisingly heavy, which makes them perfect for trolling or casting on windy days. Another benefit of using these lures is that you can target fish in multiple depths. Whether you’re fishing shallow waters or very deep depths this lure can target any fish you’re targeting. All that needs to be done is to adjust the retrieval rate to vary your depth. A slower retrieval speed will allow these lures to work their way down into deeper water.  However be careful, because you’ll find the bottom before you know it and could get snagged.

Pros: Easy to cast long distances. Can get to deeper depths in big lakes.
Cons: Easy to snag the bottom and lose a few of these lures.

9. Terminator T-1 Spinnerbait   TerminatorShop Now

When using spinnerbaits, big fish routinely destroy these lures after a few hard fights. Terminators T-1 Spinnerbaits are stronger with a titanium wire frame which doesn’t corrode or kink. The silicone skirts are easily replaceable and don’t stick together like rubber ones often can.

The bucktail skirts tend to withstand more abuse from toothy fish such as pike. Terminator T-1’s are twice as expensive as other types, but the durability is worth the price. For bass fishing, the 3/8 ounce silver shiner version is a must have.

Pros: Great for fish with teeth.
Cons: The wire can snap or be difficult to put back in shape if needed. Skirts get torn up.

10. Rooster Tail   Rooster TailShop Now

Rooster Tail spinners are longer and skinnier lures that feature a long blade and a small tuft of features. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors to meet any fishing condition. For large rainbow and brown trout in bigger water, these are a great choice.

Weighty compared to their overall size, these lures will run deep in high-volume water that big trout prefer. Cast a 1/6 ounce Rooster Tail upstream into a fast, deep chute where a large pool begins. Reel just fast enough to keep a tight line so the spinner sweeps the bottom.

The little tuft of feather over the treble hook makes the difference between a trout striking the lure or letting it pass by. For catching trout use a smaller lightweight Rooster Tails to fish the top of the water, but if you’re fishing a river or stream, increase the weight just a little bit.

Pros: Lots of variety and catches fish!
Cons: Can snag on the bottom and lose a few rooster tails. Blade doesn’t always spin from the start.

Purchase these top 10 best fishing lures and you’ll be ready to max out your limit and be ready to hear “what are you using” from everyone else.

We hope you have found this review helpful and informative in making decisions on ways you can accessorize your tackle box. If you have any question or comments please fell free to leave them down below thanks John

Ski Tubes-2018

Ski TubesWe have found some amazing ski tubes, here are four that we think you will find to be everything you need to ride the waves. These tubes were designed with the aggressive riders in mind.

There will be plenty of family fun on any of these selections. They are rugged, durable, and easy to inflate, and store easily. So if you are looking to make a day on the water more enjoyable try a ski tube today.

Four Person Towables Shop Now

The Mega Storm boat towable is one aggressive tube, it can easily take on 4 riders. It’s one heavy-duty hauler built to take on the most extreme tubers, it has a low profile back deck making it easy to get on and off from the water.

Comes with three wide straps and EVA anti-chafe guard. Ride the waves on the mega storm today

Ropes and others accessories sold separately.mega storm rad ride

Features include:

  • 4 riders – 680 lbs
  • 28 gauge heavy-duty bladder
  • 8 handles
  • Quick Connect towing point
  • 76″ x 11″ (193cm x 28cm)

Three Person Towables  Shop Now

The Airhead Griffin 3. You will surely take flight on this legendary creature with roll up wings, riders will glide across the wake with speed and agility.

The Griffin is heavy-duty, durable, and comes with oversize EVA knee pads, kwik connect for easy towing and comes with boarding straps in the rear for easy loading on and off from the water.

Features include:  

  • Boarding straps to climb on board from the water
  • A heavy-duty kwik-connect  hook-ups

Two Person Towables  Shop Now

The Rocker is a 2 rider tube that you can really jam out on, it has 4 padded handles and knuckle guards. You will be able to tilt and turn as you glide across the wake.

So be a rock star on this will surely turn some heads on this ski tube. The rocker tubes also comes in 3 and 4 rider models.

Features include:  

  • 60” L x 59” w , a one-year Warranty
  • 2 riders, performance tube, convex hull technology
  • 840D Nylon cover, with 28 Gauge PVC bladder
  • 4 padded handles with knuckle Guards
  • Boston valve for easy inflation, and quick Connect

One Person Towables  Shop Now

Airhead Big EZ Ski Trainer will help train young riders while keeping it fun and safe. On this tube young trainers can seat till they feel comfortably and then they can stand.

It teaches proper stance, handle position, balance and weight transfer for turning. The EZ-Ski trainer is the Official Youth Water Ski Trainer of USA Waterski.

Features Include:  airheadbig trainer ski tube

  • EZ SKI Trainer helps teach young skiers while having fun
  • 1 Rider
  • 120 lbs. weight capacity
  • 54 long x 34 wide x 13high
  • Water ski hybrid with integrated wooden water ski trainers and ski bindings
  • Engineered for stability and towing (10 mph maximum)

In conclusion inflatables ski tubes are not only fun but can aid in training young skiers as well. These tubes will be a great success in ensuring that you and your family and friends have a great day on the water. There are many variety on ski tubes on the market today.

Pick one up and go ski or maybe just kick back and float around the bay. This is a very affordable way to have a great day out on the water.

If you have any question are comments please feel free to leave them down below thanks John


Best Fish Finder Review 2018

fish finderWe have put together are top 5 picks for the best fish finders in the marketplace. A detailed review on all 5 products from three of the top manufacture today. The best fish finder reviews for 2018.

Lowrance Navico HDS-Total Scan Transducer  Shop Now

Watch fish and structures with exceptional detail.

Features include GPS and HD color screen.

Total scan transducer

9 inch High resolution touchscreen 

CHIRP sonar with Down Scan imaging

Increased processing speed also includes weather, radar, and 3D Imaging

Furuno-Chart Plotter & Fish Finder  Shop Now

Exceptional target resolution and separation. If you are searching for hard to find fishing grounds, planning your next route, or using your Radar to navigate. TZtouch2 delivers smooth operation with familiar touch gestures and the graphical user interface makes things simple to use.

Features include: 

Multi touch display

Edge-to-Edge glass

Fog-free clear readability

Built-in 56 channel GPS/WAAS receiver 
Wireless connectivity

Humminbird 410380-Fishing Charts & Maps Shop Now

The Helix CHIRP Si GPS has a large 12.1 inch display and a LED Backlight. It has side Imaging and down Imaging sonar a CHIRP sonar and GPS chart plotting with built-in maps.

Features include:

5-port Ethernet switchmulti

Range chirp-view Low, Mid and High

Display size – diagonal: 12.1 inch


Raymarine Axiom 12 Fish Finder-Transducer and  Navionics+Shop Now

The Ray marine axiom is a powerful Multifunction navigation system which enables you to easily identify structure and locate fish with life-like clarity and has sonar technology to compensate for boat movement and deliver a superior sonar image.

Features include:

Quad core processor

RealVision 3D sonar with CHIRP DownVision

Includes Navionics+ charts

CHIRP SideVision and traditional CHIRP sonar

Garmin Striker-with transducer Shop Now  

Striker Series fish finders come in 3 display sizes and these devices will allow you to mark your favorite fishing spot and easily navigate back to it tomorrow. The garmin striker is very easy to use and install.

Features include:

Built-in flasher

Clearer scanning sonar

Way point map

This high-frequency sonar gives photographic images and detailed representations of objects, structure and fish.It is very easy to use you will like the fish arches with better target separation you will be able to easily view, Mark and navigate to locations such as brush piles, stumps and docks.

Please feel free to leave any questions are comments you may have down below and we will get back to soon thanks. 




2 Man Fishing Boat-Hardshell vs Inflatable

2 man boatThe 2  Man Fishing Boat is a great little watercraft. These boats are perfect for small fishing trips.they can be loaded in the back of a pickup truck and they can be easily be loaded or offloaded from your yacht for ship to shore excursions.
Even thought these are small. Two men can fish comfortably with enough room for your fishing gear. Our enough room for food are supplies from your onshore shopping spree to restock your sailboat for your next amazing journey.

Hardshells-Our Top Picks

Shop NowSun Dolphin Sportsman 2 Man Fishing Boat    

  •  Vinyl rub rail
  •  Swivel seats that can be removed
  • Length: 102”, Width: 48”, Height: 20”, Weight: 100, Capacity: 550 lbs., HP Rating: 3 HP
  •  CE and US Coast Guard standards
  •  Handrails

Sun Dolphin Pro 120 Fishing Boat

  • Built-in rod holders
  • Length: 11.3’, Width: 60”, Height: 24”, Weight: 238, Capacity: 600 lbs., HP Rating: 15 HP
  •  CE and US Coast Guard standards
  • Fuel tank storage
  •  Aerated livewell with drain

Shop NowSun Dolphin Pro 102 Fishing  

  •  Livewell with drain
  •  Trolling motor plug in front and rear
  • Navigational lights
  • Two swivel fishing chairs
  • Length: 10.2’, Width: 55”, Height: 16.5”, Weight: 160 lbs., Capacity: 469 lbs., HP Rating: 7 HP

Sun dolphin has several models to choose from these are the top picks. These three models have the most features at a reasonable price. These boat’s are safe and very stable with more than enough room for your day on the water.
You will have plenty of fun cruising around in the dolphin series hard shell boats.The pro series comes with lots of cool features and plenty of accessories to personalize your boat.Pickup one of these sun dolphin boats we think you will be truly satisfy with this

Professional Grade Inflatable-Top Picks


Shop NowNewport Vessels Santa Cruz Air Mat Floor Inflatable Tender Dinghy Boat 

  •  Drop stitch high pressure floor mat, bench seat, aluminum oars, storage bag, foot pump, repair kit, drain plug, d-rings, mounted carrying handles, oar locks and oar holders
  •  Boat: Triple Layered 0.9mm / 1,100 denier Polyester reinforced and anti corrosive coated PVC. protection against corrosion, sun, salt, and all destructive elements.
  •  Floor: Triple layered PVC drop stitch high pressure floor mats
  • Dimensions and Specifications: Model – Santa Cruz Inflated Length: 10ft, Tube Diameter 18 in, Inflated Width: 5 ft 3in, Chambers: 3, Weight: 84 lbs, Max Power: 10hp, Max Load: 1,192 lbs, Max Persons: 4

Shop NowNewport Vessels  Del Mar Inflatable Sport Tender Dinghy Boat 

  •  Triple layered 0.9mm/1,100 denier specialty coated PVC, marine flooring Inflatable boat tender
  •  Aluminum Framed Marine Wood Flooring Set,  Aluminum bench seat, oars,storage bag, foot pump, Repair kit, Drain plug, towing D-rings, Mounted carrying handles, oar locks and holders
  • Triple Layered 0.9mm / 1,100 denier Polyester reinforced and anti corrosive coated PVC. Protection against corrosion, sun, salt, and all elements.
  •  24mm thick aluminum framed custom hard coated plywood floor.
  •  Floor: 24mm thick aluminum framed custom hard coated plywood floor.
  • Dimensions and Specifications: Model: The Del Mar Inflated Length: 9 ft 6 in, Tube Diameter 18 in, Inflated Width: 5 ft., Chambers: 3, Weight: 115 lbs., Max Power: 10hp, Max Load: 1,248 lbs., Max Persons: 4, High-pressure inflatable Keel & V hull.


Shop NowNewport Vessels  Dana Inflatable Sport Tender Dinghy Boat

30-Day Guarantee: All of these boats come with our Float Your Boat Guarantee and 2 year manufacturer warranty. California based customer service team for reliable after sale support

  • Newport Vessels Dana is made with US Coast Guard rated 3x layer .9mm/1100D UV Coated PVC, and glued with advanced German engineered adhesives.Durable plywood floors with aluminum framing.
  •  Air keel for easy planing. Sturdy Handles, Stainless bow D-rings for towing your tender, Drain plug, Plywood transom mount, Easy-Reach Grab Rope.
  •  PVC Hull, Wood/Aluminum Floors Panels,  Aluminum Bench Seat, Patch & Repair Kit, Aluminum Oars, Carrying Bag
  • ,Performance/ Specs: Inflatable V-Shaped Keel for easy planing, 18” tubes for great stability while turning. Can hold a 10hp engine, achieve 20+ mph top speed depending on conditions

2 Man Fishing Boats-Boat, Tender,Dinghy

These boats are great for fishing they are easy to maneuver and very stable. They have plenty of options when it comes to fishing, transporting goods our people to and from other vessels. Their are many accessories to personalize these vessels to your specific needs or style.

The two boat manufactures listed here are well-known and use high quality parts, components,and materials in the production of thier boats. In conclusion, we think that these boats are a great addition to your boating life style and will surely get the job done.If you have any questions please feel free to leave your comments down below thanks John




2018 Discount Yeti Coolers-Hot and Cold Accessories

yetiYeti coolers come in all shapes and sizes. The come in a hard shell or tough laminated fabrics. They can hold anywhere from a six-pack of cans all the way to two hundred and fifty-nine cans, there are many styles and colors they can be round, square, oval, are ob longed, they can have different style handles, straps, and accessories.

Prices range from a little over a thousand dollars to under a hundred dollars.they often put discounted coolers and accessories for sale online.

Cheap Priced Yeti Coolers-cold hard cash

One of yeti cheap priced coolers is a Roadie 20 and the Tundra 75 or the Tundra 210 hard coolers, and the yeti tank 45 or yeti tank 85. The full line of tundra goes up to the Tundra 350. These cooler are pretty much indestructible they are well-designed and will keep ice-cold up to five days. There is also a full line of collegiate coolers. They are licensed logos and perfect for barbecues and tailgates.

Features Include:

Fat wall design: extra thick 2 inch insulated wall

Permafrost Insulation:Commercial grade polyurethane foam

Rotomoled Construction: Makes it virtually indestructible

Custom Yeti Cups-Cold as Ice

The yeti rambler series. These cups and water bottles or built to last. They will keep liquids hot for hours and a cold for days. There are 6 cup style ramblers the colster,the lowball.the wine tumbler.the 14 oz. mug and the 20 and 30 oz. tumblers

Features are:

18/8 kitchen grade stainless steel

Puncture and rust resistant

Double-wall vacuum insulation

Dishwasher safe

Yeti Cup Decals & Accessories-Smoking Hot

There are many different decals, wraps, and embossing offered by many manufacturers. These come in unique designs and colors. Engraving and wraps are a really cool way to accessorize your ramblers yeti cup decals will personalize your cup to your style.

Accessories from ice packs to seat cushions food trays to cooler dividers. There are many accessories to personalize all of your yeti products.

Yeti Hoppers & Sidekick-Hot Pockets

Yeti Hoppers come in several sizes and colors. They are made out of fabric and have flip top lids and have either a handle or shoulder strap for easy carrying.

They range in size from the hopper flip 8 which holds 8 cans to the hopper two 40 which holds 34 cans and there are 5 sizes in between. These coolers will hold ice for days easy to carry and very stylish

Features Include:

Dryhide Shell

Waterproof and Mildew Resistant

UV and Puncture Resistant

Liners are a Food Grade Material

Cold-cell insulation: Cold-Cell Rubber Foam

Hrdrolox Zipper: Waterproof and Leakproof. The yeti sidekick dry was designed to kept all your important items safe and dry.From your keys, phone,wallet our what ever items you may have.It is attachable to any of the Hooper family style coolers with a hitch point grid system.

Features include:

Dryhide shell

Waterproof and mildew resistant

UV and Puncture Resistant

Hydroshield Closure: magnet create waterproof shield

RF- Welded seams

Yeti Coolers-Built Tuff

Yeti coolers are definitely not a cheap cooler they are built to endure what ever life throws at them while keeping your food and drinks icy cold or hot. From the smallest to the largest and all sizes in between.

These coolers will not let you down.this durable and stylish coolers are top of the line.I would recommend any of the yeti family line of coolers our the many others products available.If you have any question are need further information on any of these products please feel free to leave your comments down below thanks john.


Top 7 Best boating grills for 2018

boat grillsWhether you are looking for the best boating grill for your pontoon boat are your yacht. We have found the top seven grills that should meet all your grilling needs.

1. Magma Marine Kettle A10-205 Gas Grill  Shop Now

Magma kettle is made from stainless steel and comes with an easy to clean grease trap. Features a control valve to prevent blowouts. A rotating lid for heavy wind conditions. It has an air cooled handle that is cool to the touch. The grill is easy to clean, it is very stylish and has plenty of cooking space. This grill has earned it’s place in the top ten for best boating grills

2. Cuisinart Grill with Arnall brackets  Shop Now


3. Smoke Hollow 205 stainless tabletop grillShop Now

This grill is one of the top selling portable grills. It weights about 22 pounds and operates on a one pound propane cylinder which can be purchased almost anywhere. The stainless steel body, with locking lid, and fold able legs makes it great for easy storage whether on a boat or maybe a private island getaway this grill will not let you down.

4. Kuuma Stow and Go 160 Propane GrillShop Now

Unpack it and you are ready to go. A rail mounting kit is available with this model or use it on any flat surface. Stainless steel construction with removable grease trap for easy cleaning. Operates on a one pound propane bottle and has a decent size cooking area.The stow and go is easy to store or to carry on the go

5. Kenyon Frontier All Season Portable GrillShop Now

This is a tabletop grill that gets very hot perfect for cooking meats in a short period of time but you will have to be on the cautious side you would not want to cook on a surface that might burn you will also need good ventilation with this grill. The Kenyon grill has a large cooking area it is very stylish and weights about 38 pounds. It also uses disposable drip trays for easy cleaning. This is one of your more expensive grills but great for cooking for larger parties

6. Cabo Electric Grill by Magma  Shop Now

This is a 9″by 18″ grill with fold able legs magma mounts are also available for this unit to convert to rail mount system. It has a stainless steel body and a locking grease trap for easy cleaning. This grill has a built in thermostat with a 120 volt electric snap in element. This is a high quality little grill with a small price tag

7. Magma Monterey 2  Shop Now

This is a large grill you will be able to cook for large parties with this stylish grill. This elegant grill has a combustion system that allows cooking in high winds without blowouts. Features include fold able tabletop legs, electric start, sealed thermostat, rortating regulator for a one pound propane tank, primary and secondary grilling surface, and it is made of a mirror polished stainless steel. This is a lot of grill for your money.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        When purchasing a grill it’s all about personal preference whether it’s size,weight,gas,or electric,or even price. We have listed seven choices that offer a little variety to help you make a good decision on what to look for you really can’t go wrong with these choices but if you have any question on any of the products we have listed please feel free to leave your comment below and we will get back to you soon thanks john

buddy bowl review- thrills no spills

Product description

This black Buddy Bowl is 64 ounces. Turn it upside down and it wont spill. The  travel Buddy Bowl features a spill proof dog water bowl design. No-spill design also offers less contamination and evaporation from dirt, dust, and other airborne particles. The Buddy Bowl holds 44 ounces of liquids

Product details

    • Product Dimensions: 11 x 10.5 x 5 inches ; 1.55 pounds
    • Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds
    • best price:$26.99
    • made in the usa

Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Sonar Fishfinder Review-Easy Way To Find The Fish

Product: Raymarine Dragonfly 7  Sonar Fishfinder

Full Product Review


Cheapest Place To

Warranty – 1 year

My Ranking 9 out of 10

The Dragonfly 7 Pro Product Overviewhttp://

A Built-In GPS Antenna Provides Accurate position and The Dual Channel CHIRP Sonar ensures advanced underwater imaging.Providing structure and the fish in near photo like detail. Wi-Fi capable, the DragonFly7 PRO enables the angler to wirelessly share their sonar images to their compatible smartphones or table with the WiFish App.

The Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro is a perfect fit for the weekend warrior to the professional guide looking for a stand-alone combination Chartplotter/Fishfinder. Features like CHIRP, DownVision and Wifi Connectivity are sure to be top selling points for this unit.

The Dragonfly 7 Pro includes Navionics Nav+ charting with Gold detail for the coastal US and Hotmaps ,Premium for the US Inland Lakes. You can upgrade the charting that is included with this unit with C-Map 4D Lite from Jeppesen or Navionics Hotmaps.Platinum via the single Micro SD slot on the unit. With a 50 Channel built in GPS receiver there is no need for running cables and mounting an external module which saves time during the install making for more time on the water.

The WiFi capability of the 7 Pro allows anglers to wirelessly connect to their compatible smartphone or tablet to view the sonar or charting. This is a very handy tool especially if you have multiple stations or if you can’t always be at the helm when running lines. The optically bonded, 7” LED backlight display on the Dragonfly 7 Pro makes for much easier viewing in direct sunlight and you no longer have to worry about the screen fogging up.

The Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro offers Downvision Sonar which provides an awesome view of the sea floor below, however Raymarine combined DownVision with CHIRP Technology making the sonar image unmatched in clarity and target separation. The package includes a CPT-DVS transom mount transducer for a quick and easy install.