Gadget Gallery#2-2018

Boat GadgetsGadget Gallery has turned on their product finders and has charted a course to all the best spots. So strap in your seats as we cast out are lines and troll the waters. ‘Product’s on’.

We have hooked 5 great new products, these hard to find accessories will surely be the catch of the day. Raise the flags and head for the docks to weight in on these great new gadgets.

Titan High Powered Monocular Scope+Shop Now

The Titan is lightweight and easy to carry so you can spot birds, grass lines, are even schools of fish Easily zoom in from over a 1000 yards out, using a single hand.

This scope is considered the best on the market today.

Features Include:Monocular Scope



POWER – 12x to see 12X Closer
OBJ.LENS DIA. – 50mm
FIELD OF VIEW – 246 ft/1000yds
DIMENSIONS (LxWxH) – 6.4 x 3.1 x 1.9 inches
WEIGHT – 14 Ounces

ProMariner ProSport 20+Shop NowGeneration 3 Bank Battery Charger

Waterproof battery charger is a lightweight design.
Distributed on Demand Technology
Advanced technology clear indicating system
Short or long-term storage
ProSport reconditions batteries once a month for maximum battery life

Features Include:pro sport charger

Charging Time: 8 to 10 hours.

Charges Gel, AGM and HP AGM* batteries.

Selectable battery types and optimize charging profiles.

Distributed-On-Demand ensures the max amps.

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+Shop Now GPS Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder

The Deeper PRO+ is a powerful castable sonar it casts further and scans deeper. The PRO+has an integrated GPS. You can map any water you fish from the shore, just cast out your PRO+and reel it in for detailed depth data in real time. Powerful and versatile the PRO+is the perfect little scanner for fishing.deeper pro sonar

Features Include:

  • Casting distance is great
  • Scanning depth is one of the best
  • GPS-powered mapping from the shoreline.
  • It has an ice fishing mode
  • Troll from any kind of boat
  • Uses WiFi for rock solid connectivity.
  • 0.5” target separation and adjustable sensitivity.
  • Narrow beam and wide beam scanning.
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Fresh and Salt Water.

Kicker KMC2 Marine Grade Receiver+ Shop Now

The KMC2 Media Center is a simple solution for great tunes in a small package. It has over 200 watts of peak power with audio inputs like Bluetooth it comes with a full factor warranty at a really good price.

Features Include:Marine Grade Receiver

KICKER KMC2 Weather-Resistant Gauge Hole Digital Media Receiver Bluetooth/USB
Fits in Gauge Opening AM/FM and Bluetooth Audio Sources USB Audio Playback Two Sets of RCA Outputs Full Factory lifetime Warranty


GF Waterproof Led Drain Plug Light+ Shop Now

Lights are for underwater use only they cannot be operated out of water. They install right through the drain plug, no drilling hole are needed, just screw it into the holes on your boat.drain plug led lights

Features Include:

  • 1. Single LED 1.5W with 6 LED inside total
  • 9W super brightness 12V&24V;
  • 2. Bronze housing materials or 100% anti-corrosion
  • 3. Standard NPT thread type, connected with 2 a meters cable
  • 4. Connected with waterproof connectors, drilling hole are needed, just screw it into the holes on your boat
  • 5. Waterproof

In conclusion these gadgets after weigh-in have added up to great catch. These prize accessories will surely enhance any boat.

We hope you have found the new gadgets helpful and informative in making decisions on ways you can accessorize your boat. If you have any question or comments please fell free to leave them down below thanks john



Gadget Gallery 2018-Cool Boating Gadgets

Gadget Gallery a place to find all the coolest boating gadgets for 2018. The newest high tech electronic’s, parts, specialty items you name it and we have them. We will continue to bring you new products each month so come back often

Hopefully you will find just the things you have been looking for. We guarantee you that these new gadgets will be unique and interesting are at least pretty cool.

Swell Prone Drone-Fishing Drone  PRICE

This drone will not only help you find the fish but can drop the bait anywhere the fish are. This new drone is waterproof and able to fly in high winds, rain, or snow. The GPS and returns home feature is great

Features include:

line release mechanism

HD camera

bait dropper

High wind resistance.

This drone has an all in one remote controller with a live video monitor. It has a long flight time and flight range and is salt water friendly. With this drone in your fishing arsenal you will be able to pin point fish and drop your bait right on top of them. With the GPS you will be able to track its flight path and have it return home safely.

Eartec UltraLITE Headset-4 Person Set  PRICE

On larger boats you will be able to communicate with up to 4 crewmen at the same time. These headsets are lightweight and easy to use. 

Features include:

The Cheapest place to

A-In-One” design with no wires

swivel microphone

Lithium polymer batteries

These headsets have digital enhanced cordless telecommunications with a 6-hour battery life. When you are at the helm and your crew are Manning the lines our dropping anchor. The ultra lite will give you a clear line of communication.

UGO-Dry Bag Phone Case  PRICE

This is basically a waterproof life jacket for your phone. It has plenty of room for your phone, keys.personal documents even your medications. Clear plastic screen so you can use your phone even under water you can take pictures or text your friends. Comes with a shoulder strap or you can wear it around your waist.

Has a water-proof zipper keeping your valuables safe. With this dry bag phone case you cannot go wrong. It is durable and stylish and comes in a few different colors. A night out on the town or a day on the water you will be covered with the UGO Phone Case.

TapLock-FingerTip Pad Lock  PRICE

One of the newest boat gadgets out there. This lock stores 500 fingerprints so you can have multiple users you can literally unlock in less than 8 seconds. You can unlock by Bluetooth on your phone or you can back up and use Morse code. Made from a zinc allow metal body.

Rechargeable batteries with over 3000 unlocks and can last a for a year. We are sure you will really enjoy using the taplock for years to come it is built to last with an unbreakable bold design. This lock gets faster overtime it learns by Adaptive algorithm.

Aquabot Water Bottle  PRICE

This little water bottle can be used for many things. It has mist, stream, and shower patterns. Can be used as a mister for cleaning off your gear and yourself or to stay hydrated.

Comes apart for easy cleaning and has a 6 months warranty. Also comes in a couple colors and sprays up to in 25 feet. You will get many uses from the aquabot water bottle.

Docktail bar-Cup and Bottle Holder  PRICE

Its happy hour anytime with the Docktail Bar. Its holds most bottles and cans comes with a cutting board and slots for a couple of knifes. Mounts in most rod holders or has option like suction cups for flat surface mounting also can level out in most angles. 

This is one of the top selling boat bars it can hold everything you need for a great day on the water with no bottles are cans sliding around. So have a great time and good fun on your next boating trip.