boating accessories for dogs Must have items

Making sure that you and your furry friends have a safe and enjoyable day on the water.

Boat Ramps and Latters

Most dogs love to swim but it can be difficult to get your dog back in the boat. With ramps and latter most of these accessories for dogs are made out of rubber for easy cleaning and most are foldable for limited space.Ramps will aid in getting in and out of boats or cars and they have a non skid surface.

Doggy boat latter

latter will aid in getting in and out the water.These are usually made of a non-skid material so they are easy to attach and are bright yellow for visibility.

Life Jackets

Humans wear life jackets for a reason to help aid in drownings.Same with your dog some breeds are built for swimming and some are not.Your  dog could be thrown from the boat.

There could be poor visibility and might take time to rescue your dog.These life vest’s have handles for easy retrieval and are highly visibleDoggy life vest

Dog Beds

These are great for when your dog needs to rest they are water resistant easy to clean can be used at home are on board they are avable in different sizes.

Food and Water Bowls.

Their  are great options on these Bowls.There is a small and large option. Spill proof and  a good bowl will keep your dog with fresh water all day.

By choosing the right boating accessories for your dog you both will have a safe day on the water.



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6 thoughts on “boating accessories for dogs Must have items”

  1. Life jackets are so important. I feel many dog owners fail to consider the dangers their furry friends can face out on a boat. I understand dogs can swim, but accidents happen and waters can get choppy. They also make it so your dog is visible as well. Do you have any recommendations for brands of vests that are best for active dogs that like to swim and run around as well?!

  2. Great information. I never would have thought about a ramp or a ladder for my dog. I will be sure to check back here as I plan to take up boating this summer. Just moved to the Ozarks and they have plenty of lakes and rivers to explore.

  3. I wish I would have had this dog boat ladder when I used to rent pontoon boats. I would have to jump into the water and physically push the rear end of my Golden Retreiver, who loved to swim, in order to get him into the boat.

    A life jacket is also a good idea in rough water. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I saw my dog struggling to swim after being in the water for a long period of time.

    1. Yes these are two great products.No one wants to see their friend in trouble with these ramps and latters it just make sense to own one like you said if you ever tried retrieving your pup from the water it is difficult by the time you do get your dog in the boat you are completely wore out both of you these products of course work well with all types of pets. Thank you for the kind words kept checking back for more great product and reviews 

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