Boat babies-Teens to toddlers

Boat babies tips for bringing your young child on board. From toddlers to teenagers there are a few things you should know to have a safe and enjoyable day on the water.

Boat babies -infants

While most parents would love to bring there infant out boating it is not a good idea. Most babies will reach an average weight of 18 lbs at the age of 4 to 11 months at this time they should be able to wear a (PFD) personal flotation device. Most common phrase would be a life vest. When infant’s reach this weight are age limit the U.S. Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety states that this is a safe time to allow an infant child to safely board a boat.

Toddlers-The terrible two, s

Infant life jackets will be the most important piece of equipment to use while he or she is on the boat.USCG Boating can aid in the sizing and selection of a child’s PFD. Sometimes the weather can take a turn for the worst and there are no car seats on a boat so the safest place for your toddler to ride is in your arms. Remember the terrible two’ s are a time when a toddler develops a sense of self and wants to do things for them self’ s so when they don’t get there way they often get frustrated and throw tantrums. Having a safe shaded place for your toddler to take a nap is recommended.Alway’s keep plenty of food and water on hand to kept them full and hydrated.

School-Aged the Independed Days

Bringing your school aged children on a boat. As are children grow they start to show there independence they want to learn new things but they tend to want things the way they would like it and not necessarily the way you would like them to be. We as parent have to teach them all the rules that go along with boating and boating safety. We can make this a fun experience things will go a lot smoother they will learn a lot and still have a good time. Teaching them all the emergence procedures will give some piece of mind while building confidence in them.Teaching them to wear well fitting life vest’s and to wear skin protection is a must.Teach them how to swim and go over different emergency’s procedures like boat capsized staying with the boat and where all emergence equipment is on the boat and how to use them.Over time your children will appreciate all you have taught them and will have this training for there life.

The kids in a lifejackets go for a row

Teenagers -How to Communicate

Teenagers love to push your button’s remember to kept your cool and take a deep breath before you go head-to-head with them. At this age teens have become very independent but still want parental guidance. Teach them everything there is about boating in most cases if your child has grown up on a boat he or she has already learned all about boats and safe procedure’s on a boat.When Should you allow your Teen to take a boat out alone usually around 14 parents start to let them venture out on there own. I know in my state (Florida) there is no minimum age limit to operate a boat but boater must complete an approved safety boating course and carry a safety education card issued by fish and wildlife conservation and all boaters must be equipped with life vest for each person on board. But ultimately this depends on the parent and the teenager’s maturity.

Toddler to Teens-Boat Babies

Most boater grow up with there families and boating becomes a way of life.They love boating and everything that goes with it.Whether it’s going fishing,skiing,are just cruising.A day on the water can be very relaxing and enjoyable.As teenagers grow in to young adults and start families of there own they will surely raise a whole new generation of boating enthusiasts.Boating will become a family tradition or even a family business. If you ever have any questions, fell free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.All the best John





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2 thoughts on “Boat babies-Teens to toddlers”

  1. Thanks for your tips on boating with babies and toddlers.
    We own a boat when our children were born then safety around water was our #1 priority. We waiting until the children were old enough to fit into the smallest safety jacket (life jacket) before we let them get inside the boat.
    We always make a point to ask any child who wants to come on-board the boat to weigh themselves first so that we know that we have a life jacket in their weight range.

    I was just wondering what your advice would be about where children should stand / put their body weight so that they don’t fall over board when fishing?

    1. That is a very good question it really depends on child’s size the size of the boat and the weather conditions.But i would say a good rule of thumb is if side rails are more than waist high it would been fine to position them self’s against the side of the boat again that depends on how bad the weather might be otherwise try to keep them in the center of the boat away from the sides if there is nothing to support them it is always best to hold on to them.thanks for the kind words if you have any more question please feel free to leave comments below.

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