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Boat ClothesGenerally speaking, the best outdoor clothing is your first line of defense against the sun.There’s no denying that hats play a huge role in protecting your face from the elements along with sunglasses to protect your eyes,long sleeve t shirts or a jacket to protect your skin and well, I guess it goes without saying shorts, and shoes to protect your legs and feet.

To put this in perspective wearing the right gear not only keep you safe but I think it’s safe to say wearing the right clothes is 90 % of just being stylish. Looking good, I hate to say is the main reason for the clothes we choose to wear followed by 5 to10 % for comfort and protection.we have found a few choices that not only offer plenty of style but will keep you safe from what ever mother nature decides to bring your way.  

Hats-Face Protection or Looking Sharp

It’s just a simple matter of looking sharp while protecting yourself. We’ll I’d like to believe that we purchase or hat’s for the sole purpose of keeping our self’s safe. I think it’s goes without saying that we all like to look good. If you think about it, you’ll realize that most of us will go out of are way to buy products that make us look cool.

I’am just glad that we are all different, so that my style might not necessarily be yours thankfully there are many hats to choose from and when it come to outdoor gear the companies we buy products from have taken into consideration that we all have to look good with a little built-in protection.

Personal preferences is of course the final factor’s in the purchasing of the right headgear. Hats come in all sizes, shapes, and colors.most of your outdoor hats have a wider brim with UV protection and most offer 360 degree protection for your neck, ears, and nose. So having fun in the sun and looking sharp should not be a problem.

Sunglasses-Eye Protection or Looking Cool

When it comes to sunglasses there are so many styles to choose from with different levels of eye protection. The AOA (American Optometric Association) recommends that sunglasses be worn when a person is in the sun. Recommended UV protection is UV400. Sunglasses are worn for many reasons, to hide someones eye’s, to avoid eye contact, to protect your eye’s from harmful UV ray’s or just for personal appearance such as designer sunglasses.

There’s no denying that sunglasses protect our eye’s, but most of us are still looking for the coolness factor. Sunglasses will improve your visual clarity and your visual comfort by protecting you from glare. These type of lenses are polarized and will help with glare from the road while driving and they will allow you to look into the water.

In the United States, Sunglasses are held to safety standards and are regulated by the Food And Drug Administration. Different countries have different standards than the US. Glasses also fall into different category standards such as aircraft pilot, driving, space and sports. We would recommend doing good research when it comes to purchasing your next pair of glasses depending on your general use. Ask question especially if spending any large amount’s of money.  

Shirts-Skin Protection or Looking Good

Shirts are an upper body garment that protects us from the sun they keep us warm in the winter months or cool in the summer months. Shirts come in all shapes, style, color and materials. We all wear them and we all have are own styles. They are worn for different reasons, for different times of the year, and in different climates.

Boaters wear shirts that were typically designed with the seasons in mind, for instance in the summer months someone might wear a shirt with breathable materials. Are materials to aid in UV protection and to keep us cool. Winter months one might wear materials to aid in keeping us warm and so on.

Manufactures have done the hard work for us when it comes to protection it is up to us as consumers to make an informed decision on which shirt will best fit or needs for safety and to kept us looking good.

Shorts-Protection or Feeling Good

Shorts for protecting are legs and thighs can be called by many names like Bermuda, trousers, cycling,and many more.There are many styles such as running,cargo,swimming and many more styles,color,and lengths

They are made from lots of different materials like demin,cotton,nylon,and polyester. Picking the right kind of shorts depends on the activity we are planing to be wearing them for.right shorts

Boating shorts for instance might be made of nylon with a water-repellent finish that are quick drying with UV protection.They should be durable,breathable,and very comfortable.hopefully picking the  will keep you looking good and feeling good.

Shoes-Protection or looking sporty

Shoes should be worn to protect you from the sun and any forien object that could damage your feet.There are to many styles of shoe to mention,size,color,and materials should be considered when purchasing shoes,depending on the activity you are planning.

Good boating shoes are usually made from a moc-toe design with a colored leather upper and a non-skid and non-marking sole.They will not only keep your feet dry and protected but also look sporty in almost all venues. Some of your top brands are Sperry,Columbia,Rockport,and Tommy Hilfiger.

There are many more but you need to be careful when buying a good boat shoe sometimes when fashion comes in you might lose the true non-skid soles and quality leather that truly make up a good pair of boat shoes.

Accessories-Enhanced Protection or Stylish

Some of the best boating accessories will not only enhance your style but aid in protection.There are drawstrings for hats, decorative pins,feathers,and colored bands, Sunglasses might have cords,pouches,or cases. Shirts can have collar stays, cuff links,and collar bars.

Shorts can have different style belts or to be worn with shorts, wallets,money clips,cell phone holders. Shoes can take on a new-look with colored shoe string,shoe chains,shoe clips, and even some colored socks can change the looks of any shoe.

In conclusion looking sharp is a big part of boating today. Having the right gear to wear is a must. Clothing with built-in protection is just an added bonus.Looking good, and feeling good is what its all about, when we feel good about our self’s, it shows, and will make your day on the water more enjoyable. We hope we have been able to help you with some ideas about what we should wear to stay safe and feel good on your next outdoor journey. Please feel free to leave any question or comments you may have down below. Thanks and happy boating.




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