Best boating dogs-Large or small

There are many breeds that love the water and there are some that don’t like the water at all.They can be large or small. Depending on whether you are living on a boat are just out for a weekend of fun. Having the best boating dogs on board or leaving your furry friend’s at home can be an agonizing decision to make.

Water dogs-Swim or sail

While many of your furry friends will love to take a dip. Some of the best boating dogs would prefer to just sail away. Certain dogs like Chesapeake bay, Labrador, and golden retrievers were bred to work in the water. They absolutely love the water and would be a great swimming companion. Breeds like shih tzu, pugs, yorkies, and many more of your smaller dogs do not like the water at all they would however love to just kick back and enjoy the ride.

Boating safety-do, s and don’t,

I would recommend bringing your pet to your boat prior to taking him or her out on the water. I would not recommend planing a day on the water without making sure your animal is comfortable with the surroundings. I would make sure you have all the proper accessories you will need for your pet. Life vest, water bowl, food,bedding ,and even a grass patch for bathroom breaks.I also recommend buying a doggy latter to help with getting your pet in and out of the water.

Living on a boat- Furry roommates

Depending on the size of the boat you are living on your furry roommates size will matter on how comfortable you both will be. For the most part your smaller dogs will do well living on board were as your large dogs might be a little cramped up they need lots of exercise and then there is the bath room issues bigger dog bigger poop. More aggressive dogs might not be as welcome on shore as will your smaller breeds. This of course is all personal preference any breed and owner can adapt to their surroundings.

Weekend warriors-Is Fido Welcome

Depending on who you are with and where you are going your furry friends might not be welcome.Taking friends out with you they could be uncomfortable with a dog on board. A day with friends might not be as enjoyable for everyone. And of course if you are planning any on shore excursions you will need to make preparations for your pet to stay safe.Some places you go will not allow pets.All things to take in consideration even the best boating dogs require your full time attention after all they are a part of the family with their own special needs.

My dog-My Boat my Decisiom

In conclusion whether you are living on a boat are just out for a day you have a large or small dog you will need to make a decision on how you are going to take care of your furry friends. How you will take care of them to keep them safe and comfortable. Will you be able to entertain friends or take that on shore excursion without disrupting your families daily life’s.If you have any questions please feel free to leave any comments below I would welcome any thoughts or concerns you might have. Thanks, John





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2 thoughts on “Best boating dogs-Large or small”

  1. Hi John,
    That’s a very nice post. It has very informative information. I totally agree with you that making a decision on whether to take on board our furry friends to bating excursions could proof a tough affair. This is especially so if one’s dog pet is rather new to the family and has not depicted it’s liking or dislike for water- especially where a boating vacation is involved, for instance. Kindly confirm if all breeds (for example Labradors) whether young or older would work well with water without any problems? This would really help in planning.

    Thanks, Boniface

    1. All breeds is a pretty broad question most of your small breeds are not to partial to water. You use Labradors as example. Lab are usually the first one in the water but their are exceptions for instance I have seen some rescued animals (labs )that do not like water they may have been traumatized early on in their life’s. Dogs are just like are children they have a learned behavior so if you start them out as puppies most of the time getting use to water is not a problem.Hope this has answered your question but if not feel free to leave more comments down below and I will try to answer any questions you have.I just want to say thanks for the kind words and you have a great day.

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