About Us

Boating is my passion. My name is john and I suppose you could call me a boating enthusiast. I love ever thing about boats.

A little more about me

Growing up I was pretty much born on a boat. My father was a charter boat captain for many years. His favorite thing was to find the fish. My passions were driving the boat and learning ever thing that made the boat work. From this experience with my father I was sure that I would some day make a business doing something with boats.

I started looking for old boats that I could afford to buy and wanted to rebuild them. I found out that finding the accessories I needed was not always easy to find and the parts I could find were not up to par.I really took on the direction of buying and selling boat accessories and turned that into a business.

I saw people having problems finding parts

I was sure that the troubles I was having with finding good quality parts others were too. So I decided to step in and make well-made affordable accessories available to others.

My mission with bestboataccessories.com

I want you to be able to connect with this site and find any accessories you might need to enhance your boat or anything else that will make your day out on the water or your business better. If you ever need a hand or have questions,feel  free to leave them below and i will be more than  happy to help you out.All the best John

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2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. It is so nice to see a site dedicated to finding those sought after parts for boats. My Dad has always owned older boats, and had a hard time finding the parts he needed on occasion.

    He traditionally used methods offline, but it is good to know he can come to a site that serves this need.

    1. Thank you for the inspirational words yes it’s true finding parts can be a daunting tasks especially for older boats we are Dedicated  to helping others find all accessories they need at discounted prices thank you 

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