2018 Discount Yeti Coolers-Hot and Cold Accessories

yetiYeti coolers come in all shapes and sizes. The come in a hard shell or tough laminated fabrics. They can hold anywhere from a six-pack of cans all the way to two hundred and fifty-nine cans, there are many styles and colors they can be round, square, oval, are ob longed, they can have different style handles, straps, and accessories.

Prices range from a little over a thousand dollars to under a hundred dollars.they often put discounted coolers and accessories for sale online.

Cheap Priced Yeti Coolers-cold hard cash

One of yeti cheap priced coolers is a Roadie 20 and the Tundra 75 or the Tundra 210 hard coolers, and the yeti tank 45 or yeti tank 85. The full line of tundra goes up to the Tundra 350. These cooler are pretty much indestructible they are well-designed and will keep ice-cold up to five days. There is also a full line of collegiate coolers. They are licensed logos and perfect for barbecues and tailgates.

Features Include:

Fat wall design: extra thick 2 inch insulated wall

Permafrost Insulation:Commercial grade polyurethane foam

Rotomoled Construction: Makes it virtually indestructible

Custom Yeti Cups-Cold as Ice

The yeti rambler series. These cups and water bottles or built to last. They will keep liquids hot for hours and a cold for days. There are 6 cup style ramblers the colster,the lowball.the wine tumbler.the 14 oz. mug and the 20 and 30 oz. tumblers

Features are:

18/8 kitchen grade stainless steel

Puncture and rust resistant

Double-wall vacuum insulation

Dishwasher safe

Yeti Cup Decals & Accessories-Smoking Hot

There are many different decals, wraps, and embossing offered by many manufacturers. These come in unique designs and colors. Engraving and wraps are a really cool way to accessorize your ramblers yeti cup decals will personalize your cup to your style.

Accessories from ice packs to seat cushions food trays to cooler dividers. There are many accessories to personalize all of your yeti products.

Yeti Hoppers & Sidekick-Hot Pockets

Yeti Hoppers come in several sizes and colors. They are made out of fabric and have flip top lids and have either a handle or shoulder strap for easy carrying.

They range in size from the hopper flip 8 which holds 8 cans to the hopper two 40 which holds 34 cans and there are 5 sizes in between. These coolers will hold ice for days easy to carry and very stylish

Features Include:

Dryhide Shell

Waterproof and Mildew Resistant

UV and Puncture Resistant

Liners are a Food Grade Material

Cold-cell insulation: Cold-Cell Rubber Foam

Hrdrolox Zipper: Waterproof and Leakproof. The yeti sidekick dry was designed to kept all your important items safe and dry.From your keys, phone,wallet our what ever items you may have.It is attachable to any of the Hooper family style coolers with a hitch point grid system.

Features include:

Dryhide shell

Waterproof and mildew resistant

UV and Puncture Resistant

Hydroshield Closure: magnet create waterproof shield

RF- Welded seams

Yeti Coolers-Built Tuff

Yeti coolers are definitely not a cheap cooler they are built to endure what ever life throws at them while keeping your food and drinks icy cold or hot. From the smallest to the largest and all sizes in between.

These coolers will not let you down.this durable and stylish coolers are top of the line.I would recommend any of the yeti family line of coolers our the many others products available.If you have any question are need further information on any of these products please feel free to leave your comments down below thanks john.


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6 thoughts on “2018 Discount Yeti Coolers-Hot and Cold Accessories”

  1. I rесеntlу trаvеlеd frоm NM tо thе еаѕt coast and wаntеd tо take a variety оf frоzеn mеаtѕ аnd grееn chile. I fіllеd thе Yеtі and left my hоuѕе around 3:00 PM. I arrived at mу dеѕtіnаtіоn аrоund 3:00 PM thе nеxt dау, hаvіng traveled via аіr. When I ореnеd the сооlеr thе meat аnd chile was ѕtіll completely frozen. I dіd cool the Yеtі wау dоwn by putting іt in thе frееzеr оvеrnіght bеfоrе I расkеd іt with meat. Thіѕ ѕееmѕ like a tоugh, wеll mаdе product. Highly recommended

    1.  Yeti coolers are very well made and durable.They can hold ice for five to six days,and yes i highly recommend this coolers to anyone.Please fell free to leave any question are comments you have down below.Thanks John

  2. I have heard of Yeti coolers before but I never realized they were of such quality and could be used for both hot and cold.
    I will look forward to ordering one as soon as I can afford one as they are pretty expensive.
    Expensive but it appears well worth the money.
    Thank You for the information in this article.

    1. These coolers are amazing and well worth the money,and in the long run if taken care of will last a lifetime.Thank you for sharing and if you have any questions are comments please feel free to leave them down below.Thanks John

  3. Great post, thanks for sharing! Me and my friends often go on boating trips for a few days at a time; what yeti cooler would you recommend? There are a few of us so we can split the cost, so we are more concerned with getting a cooler that is reliable, can hold a good quantity of beer and isn’t going to pack up on us after a day; i’m sure you can appreciate nobody likes warms beers! Thanks again 🙂

    1. Go for the gusto the 350 tundra should do the trick it will pay for itself in the long run.It will hold ice for days,plenty of beer,or a mess of fish.At least enough to get back to docks after a long day of fun on the water.If you have any more questions or comments leave them down below Thanks John

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