2 Man Fishing Boat-Hardshell vs Inflatable

2 man boatThe 2  Man Fishing Boat is a great little watercraft. These boats are perfect for small fishing trips.they can be loaded in the back of a pickup truck and they can be easily be loaded or offloaded from your yacht for ship to shore excursions.
Even thought these are small. Two men can fish comfortably with enough room for your fishing gear. Our enough room for food are supplies from your onshore shopping spree to restock your sailboat for your next amazing journey.

Hardshells-Our Top Picks

Shop NowSun Dolphin Sportsman 2 Man Fishing Boat    

  •  Vinyl rub rail
  •  Swivel seats that can be removed
  • Length: 102”, Width: 48”, Height: 20”, Weight: 100, Capacity: 550 lbs., HP Rating: 3 HP
  •  CE and US Coast Guard standards
  •  Handrails

Sun Dolphin Pro 120 Fishing Boat

  • Built-in rod holders
  • Length: 11.3’, Width: 60”, Height: 24”, Weight: 238, Capacity: 600 lbs., HP Rating: 15 HP
  •  CE and US Coast Guard standards
  • Fuel tank storage
  •  Aerated livewell with drain

Shop NowSun Dolphin Pro 102 Fishing  

  •  Livewell with drain
  •  Trolling motor plug in front and rear
  • Navigational lights
  • Two swivel fishing chairs
  • Length: 10.2’, Width: 55”, Height: 16.5”, Weight: 160 lbs., Capacity: 469 lbs., HP Rating: 7 HP

Sun dolphin has several models to choose from these are the top picks. These three models have the most features at a reasonable price. These boat’s are safe and very stable with more than enough room for your day on the water.
You will have plenty of fun cruising around in the dolphin series hard shell boats.The pro series comes with lots of cool features and plenty of accessories to personalize your boat.Pickup one of these sun dolphin boats we think you will be truly satisfy with this

Professional Grade Inflatable-Top Picks


Shop NowNewport Vessels Santa Cruz Air Mat Floor Inflatable Tender Dinghy Boat 

  •  Drop stitch high pressure floor mat, bench seat, aluminum oars, storage bag, foot pump, repair kit, drain plug, d-rings, mounted carrying handles, oar locks and oar holders
  •  Boat: Triple Layered 0.9mm / 1,100 denier Polyester reinforced and anti corrosive coated PVC. protection against corrosion, sun, salt, and all destructive elements.
  •  Floor: Triple layered PVC drop stitch high pressure floor mats
  • Dimensions and Specifications: Model – Santa Cruz Inflated Length: 10ft, Tube Diameter 18 in, Inflated Width: 5 ft 3in, Chambers: 3, Weight: 84 lbs, Max Power: 10hp, Max Load: 1,192 lbs, Max Persons: 4

Shop NowNewport Vessels  Del Mar Inflatable Sport Tender Dinghy Boat 

  •  Triple layered 0.9mm/1,100 denier specialty coated PVC, marine flooring Inflatable boat tender
  •  Aluminum Framed Marine Wood Flooring Set,  Aluminum bench seat, oars,storage bag, foot pump, Repair kit, Drain plug, towing D-rings, Mounted carrying handles, oar locks and holders
  • Triple Layered 0.9mm / 1,100 denier Polyester reinforced and anti corrosive coated PVC. Protection against corrosion, sun, salt, and all elements.
  •  24mm thick aluminum framed custom hard coated plywood floor.
  •  Floor: 24mm thick aluminum framed custom hard coated plywood floor.
  • Dimensions and Specifications: Model: The Del Mar Inflated Length: 9 ft 6 in, Tube Diameter 18 in, Inflated Width: 5 ft., Chambers: 3, Weight: 115 lbs., Max Power: 10hp, Max Load: 1,248 lbs., Max Persons: 4, High-pressure inflatable Keel & V hull.


Shop NowNewport Vessels  Dana Inflatable Sport Tender Dinghy Boat

30-Day Guarantee: All of these boats come with our Float Your Boat Guarantee and 2 year manufacturer warranty. California based customer service team for reliable after sale support

  • Newport Vessels Dana is made with US Coast Guard rated 3x layer .9mm/1100D UV Coated PVC, and glued with advanced German engineered adhesives.Durable plywood floors with aluminum framing.
  •  Air keel for easy planing. Sturdy Handles, Stainless bow D-rings for towing your tender, Drain plug, Plywood transom mount, Easy-Reach Grab Rope.
  •  PVC Hull, Wood/Aluminum Floors Panels,  Aluminum Bench Seat, Patch & Repair Kit, Aluminum Oars, Carrying Bag
  • ,Performance/ Specs: Inflatable V-Shaped Keel for easy planing, 18” tubes for great stability while turning. Can hold a 10hp engine, achieve 20+ mph top speed depending on conditions

2 Man Fishing Boats-Boat, Tender,Dinghy

These boats are great for fishing they are easy to maneuver and very stable. They have plenty of options when it comes to fishing, transporting goods our people to and from other vessels. Their are many accessories to personalize these vessels to your specific needs or style.

The two boat manufactures listed here are well-known and use high quality parts, components,and materials in the production of thier boats. In conclusion, we think that these boats are a great addition to your boating life style and will surely get the job done.If you have any questions please feel free to leave your comments down below thanks John




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2 thoughts on “2 Man Fishing Boat-Hardshell vs Inflatable”

  1. I really like your selection of hardshell and inflatable boats! They really are the more affordable way to go when looking for a boat to take on to the water! I myself just can’t afford a full sized boat, and fishing for me is just something I do when I have free time.

    I have two kids and even though these are labeled “2 man” boats, they would be the perfect fit for me and my kids to go out and cast some lines. When the kids get older they could easily take the boat out on there own as well.

    These kind of fishing boat are a must when just going out on the water with a buddy and having a relaxed time on the water. Rather you catch anything or not, your sure to have a good time!

    I will be looking forward to paying this website a visit when I make my purchase this summer!

    1. Yes these are great little boats I bought one for my oldest grandson  to  cruise around the lake  he loves it . I had to put a gps tracker on him cause I haven’t seen him since.Basically he will come over with a mess of fish for me to help him clean.But yes they are perfect for fishing by yourself or with your kids or buddy.Thanks for the comments and be sure to check back for more cool stuff or if you have any more questions or comments please leave them down below.thanks John

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